5 Reasons to Hire a Private Chef for your Vancouver Event

Whether you are planning to host a quiet dinner or a lavish dance-the-night-away party, you will need gorgeous food to whet the appetite of your guests, fill their bellies and leave them wanting more. This is a pretty tough undertaking as a host if you are not a trained chef yourself. Why not hire a Vancouver private chef to make your event a memorable one?


Here are 5 reasons you should hire a private chef for your next Vancouver event:


  1. Puts variety on the dinner table: For any special event, you will naturally want to cover the dinner table with a variety of mouth-watering dishes for your guests.  Hiring an experienced and innovative chef ensures that you will get exactly the kind of foods that you want to serve to your guests. A private chef will work with you well in advance of your event to develop a custom menu tailored to you needs and the needs of your guests.

  3. Saves you time:  Anyone who has ever organized an event involving a large number of people knows how difficult it is to manage their time when they are in the thick of things. Add to that the burden of selecting a menu, deciding the amount of food and beverages that will be required and attending to related issues and you will know the true meaning of the phrase ‘stressed out’. Hiring a private chef to take care of the event’s food leaves you free to attend to other important things.

  5. Leaves you free to entertain your guests: A large part of any event involves entertaining your guests. They are not just there to eat – they are there to interact with other people and generally have a good time. As the event organizer or host, you will want to avoid being stuck in the kitchen preparing a meal, leaving your guests to themselves. Hiring a chef to look after the kitchen and dining table leaves you free to entertain your guests.

  7. Puts nutritious food on the table: As a conscientious host, you should serve delicious and healthy food to your guests. A private chef like Chef Sean Bone only uses fresh, healthy and whole products to prepare your custom menu dishes. A private chef can also create specialty meals that cater to any dietary restrictions or allergies of your guests.

  9. Turn your home into a fine dining experience: A private chef and his or her staff can take care of all aspects of your meal. From planning to grocery shopping, table service and even clean-up, private chef services will turn your next event into a fine dining experience.


If you are looking to hire a private chef for your Vancouver event, contact Chef Sean Bone to learn more about how he can plan the perfect food services for your gathering.