7 Days of “Gluten-Free” Snack Ideas ~ Day 4

7 Days of “Gluten-Free” Snack Ideas ~ Day 4

Prawn Mango Spring Roll

(Prep Time: 30 minutes ~ Cook Time: 10 Minutes)


16-20 Large Spot Prawns (or any prawn of your choice de-shelled and de-veined. This is an optional ingredient – you may choose vegetarian style instead).

8 Rice Paper Sheets

1 Large Mango Pitted, Skinned and Sliced Thin

1 Large Cucumber Deseeded and Julienned

2 Red Peppers Deseeded and Julienned (Preferably Skinned)

1/2 Pack of Angel Hair Rice Noodles

1 1/2 Cups of Pea Shoots

8 Sprigs of Cilantro

1/8 Red Onion Julienned

2 Tablespoons of Tamari (“Gluten-Free” Soy Sauce)

1-2 Tablespoons of Garlic Chili Paste


Pre-cut all your vegetables and arrange them beside your cutting board.

Cook your prawns any way you like (grilled, lightly poached in a flavourful broth, fried etc.).  Slice prawns in half length-wise.

Damp a cloth and lay it flat on your counter.  Grab two bowls large enough to fit the rice paper rounds.  Add cold water to both bowls.  Do not add the rice paper rounds until after the next step.

Soak your rice noodles in cold water for 12-20 minutes.  Strain off excess water.  Mix your dry rice noodles with Tamari and garlic chili paste.  Place the rice noodles back into the strainer and rest over top of a bowl to allow any excess water to continue to drain off.

You are now ready to start assembling your rolls.  Work as quickly as possible through the next few steps.  It may be helpful to read through the following steps a few times before beginning the assembly process.

First, soak one rice paper round in cold water until it begins to soften.  Remove it gently and place it completely flat on the damp cloth.

Add a small bit of rice noodles (approximately 1/3 cup) in a neat rectangular fashion in the middle of the rice paper.

Lay out 3-4 mango slices, a small hand full of cucumber, red pepper, pea shoots, 1 sprig of cilantro and a few red onions.

Bunch all the ingredients close to the rice noodles (staying in a neat rectangular shape).

Stretch and fold the bottom piece of rice paper (closest to you) over the mound of ingredients (folding away from you).  Be cautious not to break the rice paper.

Gently pack the mound together while pulling the rice paper together down towards you.  Again, be very careful.

Once the roll is tight, fold each side over (one from the right and then one from the left).

Finish the roll by rolling like a burrito (keep it tight but try to be gentle).

Continue soaking and rolling the rest of your rolls.

This recipe should make approximately 8 rolls.

Add fresh lime juice to taste.

Choose any sauce for dipping (sweet chill, hoisin, peanut, chili oil, teriyaki).