Our Guarantee ~ Farm to Table

Buying Local:


Buying local is not only about supporting local farmers and using fresh, organic products ~ it is also about building relationships within the community you live and work near.  As a Private Chef, Sean Bone has taken the time to meet with farm owners to learn about the history of the food he places in front of you.  Living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia allows Chef Sean to have direct access to farms in the local area ensuring that the food he serves to his V.I.P. guests is the highest quality of freshness.  You will literally enjoy a local farm fresh gourmet dinner when you choose to book a private dinner with Chef Sean.


Our Research on Local Farmers:


Most of the local farms in the Fraser Valley provide food to the major grocery stores in B.C., however, your local farmers are in direct competition with other major Canadian and U.S companies in certain major retail chains.  The next time you choose to go grocery shopping, why not take the time to look at the label on the package and pay attention to where the product is made?   Locally made products are beneficial in many ways.   To learn more about the benefits of buying local visit www.getlocalbc.org  You will also find a comprehensive list of Fraser Valley farmers at www.getlocalbc.org/where


Buying 100% Local is Easy:


If you cannot make a trip out to the Fraser Valley you can still buy local!!  Did you know that the only grocery store in B.C. that is committed to our local community is www.choicesmarket.com?   Choices Market is 100% B.C. owned and operated.


Stay tuned for Chef Sean Bone’s first appearance on television!  He has recently teamed up with @Carmen Ruiz y Laza of www.carmenpr.ca from our local television station JoyTV10 www.joytv10.ca to bring to you the Best of Fraser Valley Farms.  Updates to come!