Tips From a Private Chef: 7 Kitchen Gadgets to Invest In

Great cooking is as much about kitchen gadgets as it is about recipe and ingredients. In the absence of the right gadgets, even an experienced chef with a great recipe cannot cook inspiring food. Therefore, your kitchen should be stocked with the right equipment and utensils for your every need. There are hundreds of different gadgets out there for your kitchen, but not all of them are either essential or useful!  But there are many you simply cannot do without if you want to cook like a private chef.

Here’s what we think are the best 7 kitchen gadgets to invest in:

  1. Microplane Zester:

    A microplane zester, also called a grater, is a device for grating food items, especially fruit and hard cheeses. It is a long metal device with a flat surface that is perforated with round holes with sharp rims. Fine grating of food is an important part of many recipes, a zester can make your cooking a lot faster and easier.

  3. Pestle and mortar:
    A pestle and mortar is a very common gadget found in every chef’s kitchen. The mortar is a bowl made usually of ceramic or stone, and the accompanying pestle is made of the same material. Its most common application is to grind spices into a fine powder. It can also be used to crush food into smaller pieces.
  4. Mandoline:

    A mandoline is a device for slicing and cutting vegetables. It has two parallel surfaces separated by a blade fixed at a low angle. To slice a vegetable, it is slid over the surface from the side that faces the sharp edge of the blade. It has several advantages over a kitchen knife. It can make very thin slices that are of uniform width. The slicing can be done very quickly and doesn’t require much skill.

  6. Chinois:
    A chinois (pronounced shin’-wah; – it’s a French word) is a conical device with an extremely fine mesh on its surface. This gadget is used to strain soups, sauces, purees and custard to produce a very smooth texture.  Some chefs use a chinois to dust pastry with powdered sugar.

  8. Electronic scale:

    Preparing new dishes requires you to carefully measure every gram of the required ingredients to get it just right.  An electronic scale that can measure grams is indispensable if you like to try new recipes from time to time.


  10. Silicone Baking Sheet:
    silicone baking mat
    Baking is standard practice in many homes and a silicone baking sheet comes in very handy and makes cleanup a breeze. A silicone baking sheet can be used on top of a regular flat metal pan to prevent your baked goods from sticking. A silicone baking sheet makes lifting your cookies off in one piece easy!  It is one of the gadgets you must have in your kitchen.

  12. Vitamix Machine:

    A Vitamix machine is a high performance blender that can chop, blend, cream, puree and more. It is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets to have on hand just because it is so versatile and can be used in almost every recipe you create. Another great benefit is its commercial quality – you can be sure that you will have your Vitamix blender for life.


Got a kitchen gadget you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments. For some tasty recipes you can make using these kitchen gadgets, check out recipes on our blog.