Vancouver Cooking Classes with Chef Sean Bone

Cooking is a highly refined art form and you have to put your heart and mind into it to excel. Although there is no reason why you cannot self-learn and create your own recipe, it takes hands-on training from a master chef to master the art. Vancouver cooking classes with Chef Sean Bone offers you just the opportunity to discover your hidden talent and polish your culinary skills.

Chef Sean Bone is a well-known name in Vancouver’s food and beverage industry. He is a Red Seal certified private chef who offers his exceptional talent to Canadian families as a private chef. His specialty is creating menu items that meet and fulfill the highest expectations of his clientele. He is an expert in planning and creating menus for large parties and gatherings which he does single-handedly.

Having learned to cook at an early age by watching his mother and grandmother cook, Chef Sean Bone discovered cooking to be the true calling of his life as a young man and enrolled in the Culinary Apprenticeship Program at Vancouver Community College. After graduating, he worked at some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Vancouver. He soon established his name as one of the most meticulous and hardworking chefs in the city. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now Chef Sean Bone is using his talent, experience and culinary skills to teach aspiring chefs to cook like him. His Vancouver cooking classes focus on bringing about creativity rather than mastering any dishes so that his students/apprentices can go out in the real world and create their own first class menus and recipes. His innovative teaching methods are designed to produce creative chefs who are not afraid to explore new territories.

So what are the things you will learn from Chef Sean Bone’s classes? Some of the best tricks and tips from a private chef. This includes creating menus and recipes for appetizers, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktail parties, snacks, entrees and desserts. You will learn creative recipes, plan your menu and tailor the menu to the specific requirements of your guests. You will learn to cook not just to feed family and guests, but to cook to achieve your artistic goal.

Keeping his clients healthy and happy is something that Chef Sean Bone is passionate about. He will teach you that healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless. He is an expert in healthy food and will teach you the secrets of his healthy and tasty foods.

If you want to become a successful chef at home or at work, then join Chef Sean Bone’s Vancouver cooking classes today. Discover the fun and excitement of cooking and the exhilaration of discovering new dishes. The knowledge and skills you will learn from Chef Sean will be extremely valuable.  Contact us today to schedule your own private cooking lesson!